3 Insomnia Myths

In over 30 years of conducting CBT, I’ve most often heard these 3 myths from people struggling with insomnia. Many don’t realize that these myths can actually keep people STUCK in insomnia. The good news is that when people see that they are truly just myths, they start to get better – even after many many years of insomnia!

OnAir Post: 3 Insomnia Myths

CBT-I for Insomnia

Ads say, “Ask your doctor” for a pill. But, in fact, sleep specialists say that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) is the FIRST step to take … before any kind of medication.

OnAir Post: CBT-I for Insomnia

Success with Insomnia

Inadequate sleep is a national epidemic, according to the CDC. Tens of millions suffer with insomnia … despite tens of millions of prescriptions written for sleeping pills.

OnAir Post: Success with Insomnia

The Wake Up Call for Women & Sleep

The NIH sponsored a fantastic 2-day Research Conference in October 2018 where thought leaders shared their latest research on SLEEP and WOMEN’S HEALTH. It’s a wakeup call about the importance of sleep for the health of women.

Dr. Dinges shared his top 12 reasons to have consistent, restorative sleep. Many other panelists showcased a decade of federally-funded research advances in understanding health risks, societal burden, and treatment options associated with sleep deficiency and sleep disorders in women and families.

You can watch the 2-day event in its entirety  -  if you missed it!

OnAir Post: The Wake Up Call for Women & Sleep

Kicking the Insomnia Habit

This 'Learned Insomnia' graphic shows all of the common pitfalls that maintain the insomnia habit. It also indicates the main elements of the CBT protocol that helps you eliminate insomnia. Also, take a look below for more in-depth descriptions of the elements of this behavioral treatment.

OnAir Post: Kicking the Insomnia Habit


SHUTi is no longer available to the public.

OnAir Post: SHUTi

CBT App for Insomnia Wins Prize

Kudos to Sleepio! It won the Wired Health Bupa Startup competition. This web and mobile app that personalizes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to people with insomnia is backed by solid research.

OnAir Post: CBT App for Insomnia Wins Prize

Expert Sleep Tips from Real People

The National Sleep Foundation’s program Beyond Tired offered four people with Insomnia 6 weeks of help. They share their tips in this video. And, check out their Youtube Channel with many other videos here.

OnAir Post: Expert Sleep Tips from Real People

Insomnia Hub

Educators, clinicians, researchers, & students join in a Community of Practice to LEAD – to fight the hype and interprofessionally speak up for ‘what’s proven to work’ for Insomnia.

OnAir Post: Insomnia Hub

Poor sleep: It’s neuroscience, not just a nuisance

In this short video, Oxford University Professor Foster explains that his new findings in neuroscience show that lack of adequate sleep is not just an inconvenience.

OnAir Post: Poor sleep: It’s neuroscience, not just a nuisance

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