The Best of Positive Psychology

Learn more about the science (and myths) of well-being, resilience, gratitude, love, happiness, compassion, hope, grit, growth mindset, wisdom, flow, self-control, creativity & aging by the leading positive psychologists.

Making more love

Dr. Frederickson explains what she means by Love 2.0 ... and how to make love happen more in your life.

Can You Learn Hope and Optimism?

Research clearly indicates that even the most die-hard pessimist can learn, using CBT, to use an optimistic explanatory style … and reap the benefits of a longer, healthier, and more satisfying life.

Performance enhancing beliefs

People who have a 'growth mindset' (instead of a 'fixed mindset') achieve their goals and perform better, according to Dr. Carol Dweck of Stanford University. In these videos, she explains the power of believing, "I'm not there ... yet... what do I need to do next?"

CBT changes your brain

Watch Anderson Cooper demonstrate neuroplasticity in action - how you can use your mind to change your brain - at the cellular level!

Your Brain – A Work in Progress

Our brains aren't fully developed until our early 20's. That's why it's useful to re-evaluate your strongly held beliefs that you developed growing up.

What is Flourishing?

In 2003, Dr. Marty Seligman rolled out his groundbreaking ‘Positive’ movement with a virtual 26 week course, Authentic Happiness Coaching.

Couples Therapy

The science of couples therapy:  Dr. Sue Johnson, the founder of EFT, explains how it works.  Dr. John Gottman explains which 4 behaviors predict divorce and how a few behaviors make relationships work.

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