Kicking the Insomnia Habit

Kicking the Insomnia Habit 1


This ‘Learned Insomnia’ graphic shows all of the common pitfalls that maintain the insomnia habit. It also indicates the main elements of the CBT protocol that helps you eliminate insomnia. Also, take a look below for more in-depth descriptions of the elements of this behavioral treatment.


  1. CBT-I for Learned insomnia:  SLEEP-1 copy
  2. Sleep Diary:  0 Sleep_Diary
  3. Distorted NATs:  Distorted NATs
  4. Beliefs:  Anxiety_ Belief copy


Watch Dr. Morin, the researcher responsible for developing and testing the CBT protocol shown above, in this brief video.


For more about CBT-I, click on this link University of Alabama Behavioral Sleep Medicine video. (Note: If the video doesn’t start, click on the middle of the image.)

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