Resources for Well-Being

Here are (mostly free) resources that you can use right away to experience more well-being.

Change your job!

For anyone who doesn't like their job (90% of us!) ... please listen and take note of the 5 important concepts shared by Dr. Lopez, a leading positive psychology researcher.

The Best of Positive Psychology

Learn more about the science (and myths) of well-being, resilience, gratitude, love, happiness, compassion, hope, grit, growth mindset, wisdom, flow, self-control, creativity & aging by the leading positive psychologists.

Making more love

Dr. Frederickson explains what she means by Love 2.0 ... and how to make love happen more in your life.

What is Flourishing?

In 2003, Dr. Marty Seligman rolled out his groundbreaking ‘Positive’ movement with a virtual 26 week course, Authentic Happiness Coaching.

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