Health Hubs are non-profit knowledge-sharing websites where health professionals share what they know with the public about what works and where to find it – on a particular health topic.

OnAir Post: What are Health Hubs?

The Insomnia Hub

Americans spend up to $107 billion a year on sleep, including 60 million scripts. Did you know that sleeping pills often don’t work or can be dangerous?  Most of the 1 in 3 with insomnia don’t know that Doctors’ Guidelines say to first try the non-drug therapy (CBT-I).  It seems like only the hype is heard – like ‘Ask your Doctor’ ads.

All in healthcare professions are urged to promote best practices using social media.  Imagine if the entire community of sleep professionals spoke up together in one place – over the hype … for what’s proven to work and where to find it.

On the Insomnia Hub … together, we hope to spread ‘what works & where to find it’ … We LEAD

Leverage the Insomnia Hub & other social media to
Effectively promote ‘what works’ to
Accelerate consumer demand for best practices &
Disseminate the best science about Insomnia.

The CBT Hub

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is a highly effective treatment that works for many, many conditions. All too often, my patients express that they wished they would’ve known about CBT many years before – when they first began treatment. They feel that they’ve lost time, money, relationships, opportunities, as well as better health … not knowing about CBT.  As well, many clinicians lament that if only we had something like a pharmaceutical industry to promote CBT, we’d help so many more people.

We believe that by harnessing the power of social media, a community of concerned clinicians can speak up together in one place – to promote CBT ourselves. We hope to show a measurable impact, as we post on the CBT Hub – especially about ‘CBT success stories’ – and further spread links to our posts via other social media platforms.

For more, visit the CBT Hub.

More Health Hubs

We hope to develop a whole array of Health Hubs in the future. If you’re interested in helping us, contact me at  If you’d like to see a Health Hub on another health topic, please use the comment section below to add to our list.

We are looking for behavioral health groups (societies, academic departments) that would like to develop/adopt a Health Hub that its members would curate.

Also, we are looking for behavioral health educators who would like to incorporate Health Hubs into their courses, as a hands-on learning of social media skill development for health promotion – using the Health Communication Hub as a platform base.