Insomnia Hub

Insomnia Hub


Educators, clinicians, researchers, & students join in a Community of Practice to LEAD – to fight the hype and interprofessionally speak up for ‘what’s proven to work’ for Insomnia.

OnAir Post: Insomnia Hub


The Insomnia Hub is an open access, crowdsourced, and curated knowledge-sharing Hub, within the Neuroscience Network, in the non-profit Open Network (ON). We share science-based knowledge about Insomnia and related news, events, resources, people, and organizations.

Together, we hope to spread ‘what works & where to find it’ … We LEAD

Leverage the Insomnia Hub & other social media to
Effectively promote ‘what works’ to
Accelerate consumer demand for best practices &
Disseminate the best science about Insomnia.

The Issue

Americans spend up to $107 billion a year on sleep, including 60 million scripts. Did you know  that sleeping pills often don’t work or can be dangerous?  Most of the 1 in 3 with insomnia don’t know that Doctors’ Guidelines say to first try the non-drug therapy (CBT-I).  It seems like only the hype is heard – like ‘Ask your Doctor’ ads.

All in healthcare professions are urged to promote best practices using social media.  Imagine if the entire community spoke up together in one place – over the hype … for what’s proven to work and where to find it.


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