Thanks-Giving for well-being

Particularly on this Covid Thanksgiving, I’m thankful (and hopeful) for the increasing spread of positive health & well-being for all.

I’m sharing my 2 top favorites – Psychologist Seligman and Cardiologist Ornish. Each in their own compelling way explains how their extraordinary mind-body scientific contributions can help us to be and age well.

Crystalize your core values

Values are the best motivators, according to Acceptance & Commitment Therapy research.  So, it’s a good idea to assess your values periodically, to know how to motivate yourself to reach your most important goals.

Resources for Well-Being

Here are (mostly free) resources that you can use right away to experience more well-being.

Videos for ‘wind down’ time

If you’re having trouble turning your mind off at bedtime … have a set of YouTube videos ready to watch … to gently remind yourself to focus on neutral, relaxing stimuli.


SHUTi is no longer available to the public.

CBT App for Insomnia Wins Prize

Kudos to Sleepio! It won the Wired Health Bupa Startup competition. This web and mobile app that personalizes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to people with insomnia is backed by solid research.

Insomnia Hub

Educators, clinicians, researchers, & students join in a Community of Practice to LEAD – to fight the hype and interprofessionally speak up for ‘what’s proven to work’ for Insomnia.

Good News!

Why not get your news directly from the researchers, or at least, their news service? Retirees Find Meaning

Many of us wish for more meaning in our lives. And increasingly, millions of retirees are exploring new ways to combine a sense of purpose (with and without a paycheck).

The best part of healthcare: Participatory Patients!

A growing body of evidence shows that patient engagement produces happier patients, lower costs, and better quality,” says David C. Colby, Ph.D. the Vice President, Research and Evaluation at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

2018 Best Bets

I'm recommending 2 books as my all time favorites for 2018. And, if you prefer to watch instead of read, here are their videos instead.

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