2018 Best Bets

2018 Best Bets


I’m recommending 2 books as my all time favorites for 2018. And, if you prefer to watch instead of read, here are their videos instead.

OnAir Post: 2018 Best Bets

Ray Dalio’s Life & Work Principles

Dalio’s ‘Principles’ are the epitome of the power of the Growth Mindset – on steroids. If you ever doubted whether the ‘growth mindset’ really ‘works’ outside of Dr. Dweck’s Stanford University lab, here’s the proof. Ray Dalio is known for his extreme financial success. But don’t be fooled. These principles very much apply to life – not just work.

And, I especially love it that these principles are borne out of his most massive ‘failure’ – in which he was publicly “humiliated” by losing all his money, the money of friends and colleagues, and his business.

Nothing replaces the experience of reading the book. However, next best is to watch him at this recent Google Talk.


Dr. Greger’s How Not to Die

Get a taste of Greger …  watch this (excuse the YouTube ads) … or go to Nutritionfacts.org to find a ton of terrific videos on subjects A – Z – with NO ads.

I also recommend signing up for his weekly email newsletter with his latest video/blog … on his nutritionfacts.org.

This is all free.  His organization is strictly non-profit. He’s one of the foremost leaders in the field of Lifestyle Medicine.


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