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I only practice via telehealth and am licensed in 40 states under PsyPact. To SCHEDULE an appointment, please send me an email:

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Tele-behavioral health, or the use of live online videoconferencing to provide consults and treatment, has a proven track record as being as effective as face-to-face psychotherapy. Under PSYPACT, I am licensed to provide therapy to people in these 40 states.  I have professionally used it in clinical research when I was on the faculty of Georgetown University Medical Center (circa 2000).

Many people are pleasantly surprised how well it works for them – especially when face-to-face visits are not available. However, it is a matter of personal preference. You’ll need to try it out to see for yourself.

The system I am using ( is HIPAA-compliant which means it’s secure and confidential. You do not need to register to use the site and they don’t keep your private data. I will send you a link to our private ‘waiting room’ and shortly thereafter, I’ll admit you into our visit. The above image shows what you will see.  There is no recording involved.

At the end of the session, you will enter your credit card number (which I will not see and Doxy does not keep) to pay. It’s a simple and fast process. The platform that handles the credit card is Stripe.

Initial Meeting


Telehealth Practice

The Psypact States

If you are located in any of the BLUE states and would like to work with me, first contact me by email ( to schedule an appointment.

Please click on the consent form, sign it and send it with your email.

Dr. Cary’s TeleConsent 2022 

Download (PDF, Unknown)



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