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  • Meredith Cary, PsyD

    Clinical Health Psychologist

    Email: DrCary@mac.com
    Phone: 703-447-8011
    Address: 1234 19th Street, NW #901 Washington, DC 20036

    Practice Website: DrCary.onair.cc
    Lead Curator: Insomnia Hub
    Lead Curator:
    CBT Hub

  • Practice Focus

    With over 20 years in academic medical centers and about 15 years in private practice, I enjoy teaching, research, & practice in health psychology.

    Health psychologists help people improve how they manage health, illness, and well-being. I’m the behavioral consultant to the Sleep Disorders Center at Georgetown University Hospital, where I was also on the full time faculty of Behavioral Medicine in the Department of Psychiatry for about a decade.

    Click on the title for the full list of conditions on which I focus.

  • Practice Basics

    My office is a block away from the Dupont Circle South Metro Station and a few blocks from Farragut West. Click the title for more information. The hours are:

    Friday – 9:00 – 4:30
    Saturday – 9:00 – 4:30

  • Expert Sleep Tips from Real People

    The National Sleep Foundation’s program Beyond Tired offered four people with Insomnia 6 weeks of help. They share their tips in this video. And, check out their Youtube Channel with many other videos here.

  • “Why can’t I sleep?”

    That’s what many of my patients ask … Follow Dominik’s progress with CBT, as he successfully ‘unlearns’ his insomnia habit.

  • Understanding Pain

    Most people (50 million Americans) are under-treated for chronic pain. Dr. Clauw and others present recent findings about pain that could profoundly change what you do about it …

  • My 2016 Favorite: “How Not to Die”

    These videos, by the most important thought leaders of our day, share what’s proven to work to reverse (or prevent) cancer, heart disease, as well as the wear and tear of chronic stress.

  • How we change our brain – in minutes

    Anderson Cooper demonstrates how we all can use our minds to change our brains – also known as ‘neuroplasticity.’

  • Your Brain – A Work in Progress

    Our brains aren’t fully developed until our early 20’s. That has huge implications for therapy as an adult. Click on the title for more.

  • Using CBT to change your brain

    Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) began as a proven treatment for Depression and has since become the proven first-line treatment of choice for many other issues. Click on title for entire list of conditions.

  • CBT App for Insomnia Wins Prize

    Watch Dr. Hames, co-founding scientist for SLEEPIO, describe how it works, the way it was tested, and the impressive results of the study.

  • Good News!

    Why not get your news directly from the researchers, or at least, their news service?

  • Can You Learn Hope and Optimism?

    Research clearly indicates that even the most die-hard pessimist can learn, using CBT, to use an optimistic explanatory style … and reap the benefits of a longer, healthier, and more satisfying life.

  • Performance enhancing beliefs

    People who have a ‘growth mindset’ (instead of a ‘fixed mindset’) achieve their goals and perform better, according to Dr. Carol Dweck of Stanford University.

    In this short video, she explains some of her research … and the power of believing, “I’m not there … yet.”

  • The Best of Positive Psychology

    Click the title to see interesting findings about happiness, resilience, and optimism as well as an extensive list of videos/readings on various related subjects.

  • Mindfulness Works!

    Learning to be ‘mindful’ is a key skill for improving well-being … even with just 8 minutes of daily practice. Try it out here with Dr. Kabat-Zinn’s briefly guided simple practice.

  • Making more love

    Many of us seek more love. Learn about Love 2.0 … recent studies that support you can make love happen more in your life.

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