Motivational Therapy

Sometimes we have trouble reaching our goals. When they go unmet, we may feel guilty or frustrated. If we feel discouraged, often we think, “I can’t do it,” … and stop trying. Cognitive psychologists refer to this as a self-defeating Vicious Cycle of thoughts, feelings, & behavior.

Motivational Therapy can unlock that Vicious Cycle. And, combined with ‘Learned Optimism’ (CBT skills), you can learn how to get un-stuck and make your biggest dreams happen.

therapyI’ve taught Motivational Interviewing in a graduate level Clinical Skills course in the National Capital Area Simulation Center.  There, students learned to hone the art and science of applying motivational therapy and CBT with actors who portrayed patients who were ‘ambivalent’ about changing health behaviors, like diet, exercise, smoking, and alcohol use.  

Actors also played patients with physical illnesses, like Diabetes and cardiac problems, as well as Depression, Anxiety (including PTSD), & Anger, among other mental health issues. 

This course was described by UCLA Professor Carol Falendar as meeting the gold standard for training in evidence-based therapy and supervision. And as such, it was selected by the National Coordinator for Army Psychology Training to be spread nationwide throughout Psychology Internships.

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