Understand Your Brain

The first thing to do in starting treatment is to try to fully understand, as best you can, what the problem is. Fortunately, Charlie Rose has compiled a series that features Brain Disorders that feature some of the foremost scientists and practitioners relating to many of the illnesses we treat.

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Practice Focus

With over 20 years in academic medical centers and about 15 years in private practice, I enjoy teaching, research, & practice in health psychology.

Health psychologists help people improve how they manage health, illness, and well-being. I’m the behavioral consultant to the Sleep Disorders Center at Georgetown University Hospital, where I was also on the full time faculty of Behavioral Medicine in the Department of Psychiatry for about a decade.

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What patients say …

Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Motivational Therapy, and Positive Therapy have solid science behind them. These therapies work for many.

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Sharing what we know works

I believe that clinicians, researchers, educators and their students can share their knowledge about what works for health and well-being as well as where to find it.

My aim, with the Insomnia Hub, is to crowdsource our voices – to speak up for what’s science based … to at least even the playing field of the commercial hype.

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My 2016 Favorite: “How Not to Die”

These videos, by the most important thought leaders of our day, share what’s proven to work to reverse (or prevent) cancer, heart disease, as well as the wear and tear of chronic stress.

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