Trouble falling asleep?

If you’re having trouble turning your mind off … have a set of YouTube videos ready to watch … to gently remind yourself to focus on neutral, relaxing stimuli.  Here are some of my favorites … (Of course, be sure to pursue CBT-I if insomnia persists and look for other resources on the Insomnia Hub!)




Kicking the Insomnia Habit

Most who have chronic insomnia simply learned it, unintentionally!  The Clinical Guideline for Chronic Insomnia recommends that you UNLEARN it.

That Guideline says that meds aren’t better than the 7 session (or less) Cognitive Behavior Therapy-Insomnia (CBT-I). As well, CBT-I is the ONLY way to end insomnia – for good.  As the behavioral consultant to the Georgetown Sleep Center, I can step you through the process (see below). Contact me at …  

For more about CBT-I, click on this link University of Alabama Behavioral Sleep Medicine video. (Note:  If the video doesn’t start, click on the middle of the image.) 


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