Expert Sleep Tips from Real People

The National Sleep Foundation’s program Beyond Tired offered four people with Insomnia 6 weeks of help. They share their tips in this video. And, check out their Youtube Channel with many other videos here.

“Why can’t I sleep?”

That’s what many of my patients ask … Follow Dominik’s progress with CBT, as he successfully ‘unlearns’ his insomnia habit.

Understanding Pain

Most people (50 million Americans) are under-treated for chronic pain. Dr. Clauw and others present recent findings about pain that could profoundly change what you do about it …

My 2016 Favorite: “How Not to Die”

These videos, by the most important thought leaders of our day, share what’s proven to work to reverse (or prevent) cancer, heart disease, as well as the wear and tear of chronic stress.

Poor sleep: It’s neuroscience, not just a nuisance

In this short video, Oxford University Professor Foster explains that his new findings in neuroscience show that lack of adequate sleep is not just an inconvenience.

He also discusses how these findings have significant implications for future therapies – related to eye disease as well as mental illnesses. Click on the title to see the video.


Not every brain processes pain the same. Those with Fibromyalgia (FM) actually experience pain much more intensely.

I’ve worked with hundreds with FM, particularly as a faculty member of the Chronic Pain and Fatigue Research Center – when it was at the Georgetown University Medical Center.

For more information and videos, click on the title.

Headaches and Biofeedback

I love Biofeedback because its moment-to-moment feedback teaches you how to calm your nervous system – in minutes. In that way, it differs from other relaxing techniques, like Yoga or meditation. With it, you’re empowered to learn how to do what Valium does. So ultimately, you don’t have to rely on a pill to relax.

Click on the title to learn more.

Learning to Manage Stress

Daily stress is part of life and a major pitfall of having physical problems. Emotional reactions to symptoms, like fears or frustrations, can create even more wear & tear on our bodies – that can make physical symptoms worse. For that reason, people with chronic illnesses especially, must learn to manage stress really well!

Click on the title for more.

Smoking and Other Killer Habits

Most people don’t realize that kicking our ‘bad’ habits is less about ‘willpower’ and more about being ‘ready enough’ to change. We can do ourselves more harm, if we try to change a habit and we’re not mostly ready. Many times, when we fail, we get disappointed and lose confidence … and stop trying.

For more, click on the title.

Kicking the Insomnia Habit

Most who have chronic insomnia simply learned it, unintentionally!  The Clinical Guideline for Chronic Insomnia recommends that you UNLEARN it.

That Guideline says that meds aren’t better than the 7 session (or less) Cognitive Behavior Therapy-Insomnia (CBT-I). As well, CBT-I is the ONLY way to end insomnia – for good.  As the behavioral consultant to the Georgetown Sleep Center, I can step you through the process (see below). Contact me at …  

For more about CBT-I, click on this link University of Alabama Behavioral Sleep Medicine video. (Note:  If the video doesn’t start, click on the middle of the image.) 


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