CBT App for Insomnia Wins Prize

Watch Dr. Hames, co-founding scientist for SLEEPIO, describe how it works, the way it was tested, and the impressive results of the study.

A Cool Tool for Finding Meaning

Many of us wish for more meaning in our lives. And increasingly, millions of retirement-aged baby boomers are exploring new ways to combine a sense of purpose with a paycheck.

Marc Freedman is facilitating this new ‘Encore Movement’ by sharing people’s stories, offering fellowships, and even $100,000 ‘Purpose Prizes’ at Encore.org.  His site is a treasure trove of inspiration as well as concrete ‘how-to’ steps to take – for anyone who is interested in making a shift – into a new life chapter that has greater meaning. 


Good News!

Why not get your news directly from the researchers, or at least, their news service?

The Coolest Tool in Healthcare: Participatory Patients!

“A growing body of evidence shows that patient engagement produces happier patients, lower costs, and better quality,” says David C. Colby, Ph.D. the Vice President, Research and Evaluation at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

That’s why I’m a life member of the Society of Participatory Medicine and follow the blog posts of ePatient Dave  (see his important presentation here). 

I believe that we, healthcare consumers, clinicians & scholars, will reach Dr. Colby’s ‘trifecta’ of happier patients, lower costs, & better quality, when we co-create a curated directory – to share & find the best resources. 

As well, I highly recommend that patients know what it means to be a Prepared Patient.

Thumbs Up for Healthy Leadership!

Thumbs down for the self-labled “fat” Jersey Governor, joking with Letterman and downing donuts.  And, BRAVO to Newark Mayor Booker who is using 2 ‘cool tools’ to lead in fighting the obesity epidemic.  He’s leveraging (1) evidence-based methods (Weight Watchers is a proven winner) and (2) financial incentives to help make it more accessible to his community.

And, perhaps Mayor Booker would join the fun. That is, would Newark and the Let’s Move campaign, join a city-to-city ‘healthy competition’ – led by Universities?  Might they adopt their neighbor’s (PrincetonLivingWell) phenomenal success and take the lead? Read more about the idea of a proposed annual fitness competition that folks at George Mason would like to start –  at March Madness for Total Fitness.

The Killer App for Health

WOW – Watch what a power tool for your health can do. It’s got 5 of my favorites.

Quick & convenient mHealth (mobile health)
Instant Biofeedback for self-care
Precise & Personalized Prevention
Savings (time, money, effort) 
Stellar Dr-Patient communication – Participatory Medicine.  

Many thanks to the kindness of a former patient who thought to share it with me. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

 … If you don’t see the video here … go to … http://www.nbcnews.com/id/21134540/vp/50582822#50582822 



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