Practice Basics

My office is in Washington DC and the hours are:
     Friday –  9:00 – 4:30
     Saturday –  9:00 – 4:30
  • Metro’s Red Line – Dupont Circle (SOUTH) – is steps away on 19th Street
  • Orange & Blue Lines are a few blocks away (Farragut West).  
  • There are multiple parking lots on 19th.
    • Our suite 901 has 3 offices, shared by several therapists.
    • The door is secure (I’ll give you the code to enter). The key to the bathroom (across the hall) is in our waiting area.
    • The building has a semi-circular driveway & is wheelchair accessible.
    • The front door to the building is locked on Saturday after 1:00  – I’ll give you a code to enter. 
  • The fees are $200 for 60 minutes and $150 for the 45 minute session. 
  • I do not participate in Medicare and/or other insurance.  If you have out-of-network coverage, the receipt I give you is usually all you need to submit to your insurance for reimbursement.
  • Payment (check or cash only) is due at each session.

My contact information is:    and   (703) 447-8011

Beginning of Therapy 

  • The initial evaluation is an hour. Therapy sessions are 45 minutes (or an hour, by patient request).
  • We determine together whether the therapies I offer are appropriate for you in the evaluation.
  • While our focus might be broad (e.g., ‘improve an area in your life), our method is goal-oriented (e.g., “reduce anxiety or procrastination or insomnia or a problem with a relationship or an OCD symptom, etc). So, we’ll determine together what our initial goal will be.
  • Most specific goals can be addressed in brief periods, like 6 to 10 sessions.
  • You learn a method by which you can use your (new) skills, your strengths, and supports to manage the goal you set 
  • After we meet that goal, we can either work on another goal together or we can terminate therapy, a choice based on your level of comfort or sense of mastery of this process.
  • A booster session is recommended whenever someone is having difficulty applying what was previously learned to a present issue.


  • Starting with the initial evaluation, we schedule 4 weekly visits. We can cancel them, if we find that we won’t be working together.
  • It’s up to you to schedule more visits.
  • It’s best to schedule at least 1 month in advance, to maintain weekly continuity of sessions.
  • With your permission, I primarily use email to set up or change appointments …

My Areas of Focus:

I work with individual adults using three forms of brief, time-limited therapy. Motivational Therapy helps people be more “ready, willing, & able” to change. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) improves self-management skills to manage most problems. We use Positive Therapy to emphasize and  use your strengths to improve your total fitness & well-being.  My specialty areas include:

  • Mental Health:  depression, anxiety, anger, panic, phobias, social anxiety, obsessive-compulsive behavior, as well as other self-defeating behavior under stress
  • Motivation to Change or Sustain Behavior:  healthy lifestyle habits, like smoking cessation or weight management, procrastination with any goal
  • Physical Conditions:  pain, fatigue, chronic insomnia
  • Chronic Illness Self-Management:  changes in function, relationships, self image, moods, values & other quality of life issues
  • Well-Being:  Increasing resilience, social intelligence, life satisfaction, & fulfillment


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