Your Brain – A Work in Progress

BRAINS2Did you know that your brain isn’t fully developed until after age 20?  These brain images show all the areas that are  NOT yet developed (NOT blue) – by age. 

The parts of your brain that help you to control your emotions, make well-reasoned decisions, and even to assess situations aren’t all there during your ‘formative’ years. Many of our strongly held beliefs and assumptions –about ourselves, other people, and world around us – are based on VERY limited reasoning ability.  

In therapy, it’s useful to study those beliefs you formed as a child … now with your fully-developed brain. People are surprised to see how much they impact our daily work, love, and play. 

(Graphic is downloaded from PNAS 101: 8174-9, 2004).

Childhood ‘Adversity’

Adverse events are common in childhood and they can have a profound effect on our brain development and subsequent adult behavior and moods. Watch this episode in the Charlie Rose Brain Series  to find out more. 


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