Spot your Strengths

Assess your Strengths

Watch this short video to see how studies have found that knowing and cultivating your character strengths as well as the strengths of others is a key to increasing happiness and meaning in your life. 

It’s all about focusing on ‘what’s right about us’ … strengths-spotting. First, assess your TOP 5 VIA Signature Character Strengths  … here  … (it’s free) and get started ‘spotting’ with these 3 exercises.  If you’d like to assess more of your strengths, take this free questionnaire (which is like the Myers Briggs). Third, I also recommend purchasing the StrengthsFinder 2.0 (a new book – never opened) which will have an access code (in the back) to the Gallup-validated strengths questionnaire. The access code can only be used once; don’t purchase a ‘used’ book!


How to Interpret and Use your VIA results

This is a good short video (seems to be part of a research project) that explains (1) how to interpret the VIA results, and (2) how to set goals to ‘deploy’ your strengths in various ways.

More about Strengths in various settings

Here is a playlist of 46 presentations by some of the most well known leaders in the field of Positive Psychology. And, in this video Professor Ruch describes his research about the use of your top ‘signature’ strengths at work and its relationship to your job satisfaction.


In this video, watch how Dr. Martin Seligman, the scientist who developed the VIA Character Strengths questionnaire and founder of the field of Positive Psychology, describes briefly how character strengths relate to well-being through: Positive emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishments.

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