Thumbs Up for Healthy Leadership!

BookerThumbs down for the self-labled “fat” Jersey Governor, joking with Letterman and downing donuts.  And, BRAVO to Newark Mayor Booker who is using 2 ‘cool tools’ to lead in fighting the obesity epidemic.  He’s leveraging (1) evidence-based methods (Weight Watchers is a proven winner) and (2) financial incentives to help make it more accessible to his community.

And, perhaps Mayor Booker would join the fun. That is, would Newark and the Let’s Move campaign, join a city-to-city ‘healthy competition’ – led by Universities?  Might they adopt their neighbor’s (PrincetonLivingWell) phenomenal success and take the lead? Read more about the idea of a proposed annual fitness competition that folks at George Mason would like to start –  at March Madness for Total Fitness.

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