Building Total Fitness for ALL

My passion is to build Total Fitness for ALL. That is, to transfer & adapt the military’s ‘technology’ to train the rest of us – to help each other – to be totally fit.

Bill Shore, a social entrepreneur, accomplishes such large goals – like ending poverty.  He likens it to cathedral building. After all, how did 1000’s of people actually complete such massive projects that could take over 100 years?  Studying cathedrals, Shore saw 5 principles:

  1. Meaning:  The vision of the cathedral fueled the sense of purpose of each builder, no matter how menial the work. Even if they never saw the finished product, they knew that if they followed the blueprint, their everyday effort would contribute to its grandeur.
  2. Shared Strengths:  Everyone had something to contribute from all sectors. And, government, business, religious institutions couldn’t do it alone.
  3. Evidence-Base:  Built upon solid past foundations (literally), cathedrals were made that much stronger.
  4. Wealth Generation:  Cathedrals were built, maintained, and sustained by producing new community wealth, not just on handouts or donations.
  5. Education:  Cathedrals taught best practices and values, not just by words, but also through design – in stained glass windows, statues, & paintings. They spoke without limits of language or literacy.

The spark for Total Fitness for ALL was likely ignited by a college capstone. We were challenged to create a ‘blueprint’ for our own utopia. I believe that college courses (and campuses) can not only inspire cathedral building, but they could provide the infrastructure to lead toward their actuality.

The  ‘blueprint’ I’m suggesting for Total Fitness for ALL builds upon Shore’s principles and Marty Seligman’s vision for 51% flourishing.  My ‘top strengths’ are hope and sense of purpose – which I use every day to keep this dream alive. I’m hoping you too will share your top strengths to help build Total Fitness for ALL, from the ground up.

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