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Headaches and Biofeedback

I love Biofeedback because its moment-to-moment feedback teaches you how to calm your nervous system – in minutes. In that way, it differs from other relaxing techniques, like Yoga or meditation. With it, you’re empowered to learn how to  do what Valium does. So ultimately, you don’t have to rely on a pill to relax. 

As a new Clinical Health Psychologist, on Internship (in the 80’s) at the University of Miami in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation I worked with Neurologists and their patients who had severe headaches. Into the hospital room and right up to bedside, I’d roll in with my massive Biofeedback cart. And, I actually used that experience to study people with headaches for my dissertation.

Then during the nineties, when I was on the Clinical Faculty in Behavioral Medicine at Georgetown University, outpatients with all kinds of pain – head, back, stomach – came into the Biofeedback Lab I directed. I always thought how ironic it was. They rushed through traffic, hassled with parking, and stressed about being late – just to come in to relax.

Thankfully now, Biofeedback is entirely portable. In the quiet of your favorite place, you can teach yourself how to relax tension away and take control of your nervous system  – to access the relaxation response. So, you might want to look into something like the Stress Eraser (I don’t have any stock in their company). It’s a proven tool.


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